Be Human™️ is a Non Profit organization founded by Grammy Award Winning Artist

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Music has long transcended all nationalities and cultures and serves as a common denominator breaking down barriers and bringing individuals together. Communities all over the world face some of the same social ills preventing them from assisting in the sustainment of a better quality of life for families, safe environments for our students, and promoting intergroup relations and tolerance.

The BeHUMAN Foundation and movement will utilize music and poignant messaging to give our communities a platform to triumph over oppressive situations and inspire each other around the world to do the same.

” The need for us all to simply Be Human is ever present in this day and time. Having love and compassion for others as well as the desire to treat our neighbours as we would ourselves could bring the necessary change needed in this world. I look forward to uniting with those who want to see global changes that can bring a level of peace, unconditional love, tolerance, equality, unity, and joy. The Be Human movement is not just dear to my heart – it is my heart! We have the power to make the change if we as human beings do more to Be Human.” –Monica

The BeHUMAN Movement leverages public-private partnerships and challenges others to commit resources to improve the lives of our communities, families, and students worldwide. BeHUMAN will expand collaborations with experts and organizations working succinctly to emphasize community-led solutions that promote a culture of humanity.


To inspire transformative reflection on our value systems that encourage critical dialogue of tolerance, love, and respect for each other and challenge our society to embrace a culture of humanity.


Be HUMAN – Compassion through our engagement, service, and communities.

Be UNDERSTANDING – Preventing bullying. Tolerance, inclusion and respect for diversity.

Be MOTIVATIONAL – Inspiring others, mentoring, and academic achievement.

Be AWARE – Social & Health awareness preventive care for mental illness, cancer, and other illnesses plaguing our ability to thrive.

Be NOBLE – Realizing the nobility that exist inside us all. Gracious. Dignity.


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